Nike Air Max

The installation was a part of a worldwide series of events that celebrate the anniversary of Nike's classic Air Max. 

Arlin's vibrant and geometric art took over without asking permission and brought a modern and urban air to the colonial home. The intervention was commissioned by Nike, who, during the entire month, used the house to host a series of events in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Air Max, one of the brand's most iconic shoes. 

Arlin grew up wearing Air Max and was inspired by the lines of the shoes to create the design, but also hoped that the colorful and dynamic intervention would bring joy to those who passed, especially during this time that the city has began an effort to eliminate street art around the city. 

In total, Arlin and his team, worked for 14 days and used around 400 cans of spray paint to make this installation happen. 

Arlin GraffnikeComment